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Caring for your coin ring....

Caring for your new coin ring could not be simpler,

If you have purchased a polished ring, the following method is recommended...

Gently clean with a sponge and soapy warm water to remove and debris prior to polishing,

Apply a low abrasion silver polish with a soft cloth,use a clean and dry microfibre cloth to remove polish, and buff to a high shine.


Simply leave, over time your ring will develop a lovely natural patina, similar to antique silver.

If you have purchased a ring with a antique finish....

To create this finish, the ring is forced to oxidise to darken the metal ,it is then carefully polished to accentuate its detail, the patina will wear off over time, for that reason it is then sealed with the highest quality jewellery sealer available worldwide, this is a semi permanent finish and still subjective to wear, these rings need to be removed when washing, using detergent, and protecting from solvents, chemicals and abrasives, Wipe with a damp soft cloth and dry ,never use a scour or polish as this will damage the protective seal.