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D-Day 1944 Commemorative Ring


Handcrafted from a genuine antique Penny made in 1944, this ring beautifully commemorates the year so many gave all on in the Normandy invasion. Seventy-Five years ago, at H-Hour the order went out to the waiting troops. The command turned 6th June 1944 from an ordinary summer?s day into a defining date in British history, and so began , The Longest Day, The Allied Forces came by land, sea and air , men and machines emerged from the sea framed by the distant backdrop of England's shoreline. They stormed the heavily fortified coastline of Occupied France in Normandy. The D-Day landings were part of the greatest-ever amphibious operation in the history of warfare. This pivotal day was the beginning to the end, turning the tide of World War II and launching the liberation of Europe from the Nazis. This ring can be made in UK sizes M-Z ,and can be finished with an antique patina applied, or a highly polished finish.

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