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Sixpence Cufflinks with antique finish


Luxury Domed Sixpence Cufflinks.

This new version of Coin Couture's exclusive design feature genuine Sixpences that have been domed and highly polished,and now set into Hypoallergenic Stainless Steel cufflinks.

Unlike all other Sixpence Cufflinks that use silver plated backs that easily discolour,these are made from Stainless Steel and have no plating to wear off,stainless steel is anti-tarnish,strong and is becoming increasingly popular in the jewellery world,meaning they are suitable for everyday wear.

This style has a antique finsh to create a authentic vintage look,the coins are aged using methods exclusive to Coin Couture,before being carefully polished to accentuate the coins detail,this is then protected with highest quality jewellery sealer that is available worldwide.

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