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Half Crown Ring with antique finish


Handcrafted from a genuine Half Crown coin, these rings make such personal and meaningful gifts.

Each ring is made to order using a circulated coin that has passed through the hands of thousands of people over many decades picking up its own wear and tear,making no two rings the same.

The Half Crown coin is a well known and loved coin from the past,and once handcrafted into a ring,it will have retained all its details,inside and out,and when the recipient receives this ring and see's their special date you can be sure that it'll be a gift that they will cherish forever.

The Half Crown was in it’s day a high value coin that was second only to the Crown, and many people from this era weren’t lucky enough to see many of these coins,now they can have their own little bit of history,to keep forever.

What makes a Coin Couture ring stand out from the rest is the style and craftmanship, these rings are not simply a coin to wear on your finger that is flat and conical,Coin Couture rings are coins that have been transformed into beautiful pieces of jewellery.

This style has a antique finsh to create a authentic vintage look,the ring is aged using methods exclusive to Coin Couture,before being carefully polished to accentuate the coins detail,this is then protected with highest quality jewellery sealer that is available worldwide


Every ring is handmade to order,please select what year you require(1947-1967) and your size(M, N, O, P, Q, R, S, T, U, V,W,X,Y,Z)   upon checkout.

What size do you require?M - Z+6

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