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Back to where it all began.....

When a elderly friend showed me his late wife's wedding ring and I saw it was made from a old penny, I was amazed ,and then when I saw the emotion in his eyes as he explained to me how much the ring meant to him, I just had to learn, I was astonished how something so common and ordinary as a coin could be transformed into such a beautiful piece of jewellery, and to have a date on that means so much to somebody, an heirloom..

I began to teach myself the craft of becoming a CoinSmith, I started off with just a hammer and ring mandrel, ,and spent months perfecting the art,

My first goal, was to make my Dad a Half Crown ring for his 60th birthday, that ring was set to define my style of ring making, I got through dozens of coins making it. it had to be perfect, I wanted my ring to look like a piece of fine jewellery ,, anything less would of been a failure.

When the big day finally came, I was so nervous as he opened his gift, but then as he looked closer ,and discovered that it was made from a 1955 Half Crown,I recognized the same astonished look on his face, ,just as I had the first time I saw that old penny ring, when I tried to explain to him I had made it, he did not believe me, he was adamant that it was made at a jewellers, that was when I knew that months of perfecting my technique had paid off.

Fast forward a few years......

Coin Couture now has a full range of coin jewellery, wedding jewellery and accessories, and as for the rings, Coin Couture's rings have been sent as far east as Tokyo, and all the way west to LA, and I have also had the pleasure of making one for Slash from Guns n' Roses.