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Welcome to Coin Couture.

Thank you for visiting, Coin Couture creates bespoke jewellery using genuine coins of all ages to provide you with the perfect gift to celebrate a special occasion.

All of Coin Couture's items are handmade to order using coins of your chosen year,postage is always free to UK customers,returns accepted and customer service and satisfaction is imperative.

As you browse through the site you will find a wide range of jewellery and accessories,and a few are exclusive to Coin Couture, not available anywhere else in the world!and as for a 'unique gift',every item here is unique,no two coins are the same as each has passed through thousands of hands,through many era's, each gathering its own scars and stories,and just imagine the stories they could tell!

So please,have a browse,and if you fancy a chat about a custom order just fill out the contact form, or head over to the very popular facebook page to keep up to date with offers and products.

Unique and custom made jewellery....

Handcrafted from genuine coins....

The perfect gift to mark that special occasion....